Brand Awareness

Branding is a cornerstone of experience delivery. Our customisation options allow you to fully tailor the look and feel of the Qualee App.

From logos to colours, icons and images... go ahead, make the Qualee App your very own.


Communication is key when establishing connections and providing clarification.

The Qualee App provides encrypted, instant messaging between employees and their HR coordinator. For sensitive matters, messages can even be sent anonymously.

Image Capture

Storing a copy of an employees ID document is a compliance requirement in most countries.

The Qualee App is enabled with document scanning for IDs, passports, certificates or any other documentation that's critical in your organisation.

Once captured, images can be auto-routed to appropriate departments or individuals, securely and instantly.

Multimedia Library

Our Library supports multimedia files that can be viewed at moment's notice, as well as referenced in customised Journeys.

Now everyone in the company can have access to the latest versions of important information, right at their fingertips.


A quiz is an engaging way to test for understanding and maximise knowledge retention, especially when used in combination with microlearning.

Our goal is to keep quizzes bite-sized and fun by using gamified progress and positive reinforcement. Quizzes can be retaken until a perfect score is achieved - making everyone feel like a champ!


Our Survey feature is powerful and simple to deploy, allowing for regular feedback. Responses can be collected in various formats: multiple-choice, start ratings and free text.

Surveys can be released at any time, whether it's to pulse check the onboarding experience, gather reactions to a company event or assess ongoing engagement.


We get it - forms and signatures are necessary. Thankfully, paperwork is not.

Qualee offers unlimited Forms and eSignatures.

Now all necessary forms can be completed on an employee's mobile device and submitted from anywhere.

Encrypted fingertip signing ensures compliance and eliminates paperwork. You're welcome.

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